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Breeding season tips

March 18, 2012Comments Off on Breeding season tips

We are not to far off of breeding season for spring calvers. We encourage everyone to keep a high phosphorus mineral available to your cows and bulls that is highly palatable. We offer custom blends to meet your needs on forage for breeding. Contact us with your questions and let us help develop your mineral program. Thanks, Tim R. Turner D.V.M.

TCU Ranch School visit

March 15, 2012Comments Off on TCU Ranch School visit

We were fortunate to have the current class from TCU’s Ranch Management Program  visit with us in February. They are such a great bunch of individuals interested in ranching. We have been able to host them the last 30 years by providing a meal and sharing our experiences in ranching as well as mineral use. Their interest is always challenging and we are delighted to share our knowledge. Contact us for details. Thanks, Tim R. Turner D.V.M.

Bloat Problems

February 28, 2012Comments Off on Bloat Problems

Bloat problems with cattle in west TexasAlong with the rain we have received in the last month or so, we have also started seeing bloat in several open range herds in the past few weeks. Saving just one steer from bloat will more than pay for one ton of custom blended mineral to combat the bloat problem. And at just 10.4 cents per head per day, that’s pretty good insurance.

Quality Livestock Mineral

January 8, 2012Comments Off on Quality Livestock Mineral

Quality livestock mineral depends on quality components. Using brand name components and reputable companies for our sources, in­cluding salt, phosphorous and calcium, allows us to provide a consistent product to fit your needs. This also means that our products must be made from fresh components. Dating indi­vidual bags the day product is produced is information you deserve and we are proud to provide.

Getting these components at the best price and combining them in the most efficient ratios is the reason producers remain loyal to our products year after year. With all of the variables in agriculture, a company that remains dependable while staying on the front line of research is our trademark.