About Us


James Bain Price IVBain Price is our General Manager and has a vast wealth of experience with almost 20 years on the team. After being reared in agriculture, be earned both a BS and MS Agronomy from Texas A&M University.

Judy TurnerJudy Turner is co-owner of SWLM and the Secretary/Bookkeeper for the business. She earned a BS AgEcon from Texas A&M University and has over 20 years experience working at the business with her husband, Tim.

Jody HammJody Hamm is a long time employee. He has worked at the mill for 10 years and is very knowledge about the products. Jody is from an agricultural background, having been raised on a ranch near Fort McKavett where his whole family is in ranch management.

Tara Turner LangerhansTara Turner Langerhans is Tim and Judy’s eldest daughter. She was raised on the family ranch near Water Valley. She has a degree from Texas A&M in Speech Communication and handles all of the day-to-day bookkeeping at the mill.

The rest of the staff consists of full and part-time students with agriculture backgrounds and a strong sense of service to others.


Southwestern Livestock Mineral Co. (SWLM) was purchasedBuilding Front View by the Turner Family in 1980 from Johnny Bonner of San Angelo, Texas who started the company in 1965. We are located at 202 West 4th Street in San Angelo, Texas.

SWLM specializes in helping folks with nutritional problems with livestock. Several of the problems include grass tetany, copper deficiency, urinary calculi, phosphorus deficiency, foot rot, lumpy jaw, and others. SWLM is able to blend many combinations of minerals to solve specific nutritional problems for clients. We have a source for virtually all mineral components.

Dr. Tim R. Turner, Owner and President

Dr. Tim R. Turner, DVM


  • Graduate of Water Valley High School 1970
  • Graduate of Texas A&M University BBA Finance 1974
  • Graduate of Texas A&M University BS Veterinary Science 1976
  • Graduate of Texas A&M University DVM 1977

Current Involvement

  • President of Southwestern Livestock Mineral Co., Inc. 1980-present
  • Vice President of Protex Products, Inc. 1982-present
  • Co-owner of T Star Ranch 1997-present
  • Vice Chairman of the American Sheep and Goat Center 2011

Current Memberships

  • Member of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers’ Association
  • Member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association
  • Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Member of the American Small Ruminant Association
  • Member of the Tom Green County Veterinary Association
  • Member of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church
  • Member of the San Angelo Area A&M Club
  • Member of the Texas and Southwestern Cattleraisers’ Association
  • Member of the United States Animal Health Association
  • Member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Member of the American Sheep and Goat Center
  • Member of the Animal Health Committee American Sheep Industry Association