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Custom Blend Minerals Will Help Support Your Herd

May 4, 2013Comments Off on Custom Blend Minerals Will Help Support Your Herd

As a cattle owner, you no doubt are interested in making sure that your animals are as healthy and well cared for as possible. This is not only important because of the animals that are under your care, it can also make a difference in your profit margins. Although there are many things that need to be considered in this regard, one that should not be overlooked are the minerals that you are feeding to the livestock. What are some of the things that should be considered so that you can have the healthiest animals possible?

First of all, there are going to be differences in the needs of the herd according to several different factors. One of the things that is going to need to be considered is the type of environment in which they are feeding. If they tend to feed outdoors for the majority of the year, they are going to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. The same also be true if they are fed in confinement or if they are both pasture and grain fed. The needs of those animals, however, are going to be different so it is often necessary for you to have a custom blend of minerals that will help to support the herd according to their specific needs. Those free choice minerals may be available as a supplement that has already been mixed but it may also be necessary for the blend of minerals to be customized to a larger extent.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the area in which the cattle are feeding. This can make a difference, as they may be feeding on different types of grass when they are out to pasture and the soil in the area may be deficient in minerals that may be available more readily in other areas. Our free choice mineral blends are suitable for herds that are within a 200 mile radius of San Angelo, Texas. If you are outside of that area, you may still benefit from those blends but it may also be necessary for a custom blend to be provided.

Providing your cattle with the minerals that they need can be beneficial to their health and will help to provide them with what is necessary for optimum growth. Those minerals may include phosphate, calcium, magnesium, salt, sulfur and many other choice minerals. As long as you are providing the cattle with what they need, you will be less likely to experience problems with the herd.

Free Choice Minerals Help To Improve the Overall Health Of Your Cattle

May 1, 2013Comments Off on Free Choice Minerals Help To Improve the Overall Health Of Your Cattle

Just as humans find it necessary to often supplement their vitamins and minerals, it may also become necessary for the health of your cattle. Many different factors need to be considered in this regard but properly monitoring and filling the dietary and mineral needs of your cattle is going to help to boost their reproduction, growth and overall health. In most cases, your cattle are going to be deficient and this includes both those that are feeding in confinement or if they are primarily out to pasture. A custom blend or free choice blend of minerals is what is necessary to help them to overcome the deficiencies that they are experiencing.

Our free choice minerals help to improve the overall health of your cattle and are blended specifically for those that are within a 200 mile radius of the San Angelo, Texas area. We offer several different types of blends, according to the way that they are feeding. We can also offer customized blends for those herds that have specific needs. Our free choice minerals will help your cattle in many ways, including by increasing their conception rate, boosting their immune system and treating any nutritional problems that may be an emergency. This not only helps you to look after the overall health of the herd, and also helps to boost your productivity in a cost-effective manner. It is also noteworthy that we work directly with the producers of the products so you are getting them at a lower rate, because there is no middleman involved.

One of the important minerals that is included in our free choice mineral blends is phosphorous. This is something that may be available to some cattle to a limited extent, depending upon their environment. We can help you to choose a blend that is going to be right for your herd. We also help you to get the right blend of calcium to phosphorus, as it is important to keep the ratio in check. That will help to optimize the bone health of the cattle, as well as providing them with what is necessary to boost their fertility.

Along with essential minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, our free choice blends also contain many trace minerals which are needed by cattle to optimize their health. These can include zinc, copper, salt, magnesium, potassium, selenium and vitamin A. When you give your herd what is needed with our free choice minerals, you will find that you are benefiting in multiple ways.