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Southwestern Livestock Mineral Co., Inc. (SWLM), has been blending custom free-choice range minerals and custom premixes for over 40 years. We blend for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats (Boer, Milk, and Angora), horses and deer.

Southwestern Livestock Mineral Co. was founded over 40 years ago by producers who needed a dependable source of mineral supplements to transform their livestock from average, to outstanding. With people like Leon Bode, Johnny Bonner, and Gene Newman as the foundation, SWLM became a source of great help to livestock producers.

Years of  experience with proven rations and consistent value have brought this business from a sideline to a major consideration in the livestock production cycle.

When the Turner family bought the company in 1980, they brought years of veterinary experience and a deep ranching heritage to the equation. Today, with Dr. Tim Turner’s vast knowledge of animal health and practical ranching ethic, SWLM continues to provide progressive, efficient and dependable help to producers who are no longer satisfied with average yields.

Dr. Turner is also the operator of T Star Ranch, a 16,000 acre family-owned ranch just northeast of San Angelo, Texas.  He runs cattle, sheep, goats and horses on the ranch and uses his own free-choice ranch minerals for his livestock.

Texas DeerDr. Turner also provides range management for the deer that populate his ranges so that he optimizes the quality of deer for the annual Texas deer hunting season.  SWLM’s “Deer Mineral” provides the necessary mineral supplements to enhance antler growth, general health and fawn production.

Our products are guaranteed to improve the health of your animals. We have FDA clearances for many medications including Bovatec®, Rumensin®, Rumatel®, Deccox®, and several antibiotics.

  • Improve your cows’ conception rate by balancing your calcium/phosphorous levels.
  • Utilize available forage by fulfilling the mineral and vitamin needs of your cattle during both wet and dry years.
  • Maximize the benefits offered by balancing the diet of your animals.
  • Boost the immune system of your cattle by keeping them in the best possible health using high quality trace minerals.
  • Treat emergency nutritional problems that cause production losses in your business such as bloat.
  • Provide you with a cost effective way to improve your income from your cattle production with a custom program for your needs.
  • Provide access to professional help at all times.

No Middle Man

Loading truck for deliveryWe work with producers one on one and deliver the product directly to your barn. There is no middle man in our operation thus allowing us to respond quickly to your needs. Our minimum order is 500 pounds for custom blends.

Toll-free: (800) 777-0232
Local: (325) 655-1430

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Service is the catchword of the new century, and no stranger to us. We offer an 800 number so that you can get in touch with us where ever you are. We offer a website to keep you informed of our services and e­mail to answer questions or take your orders. We always try to solve your problems and meet your needs within hours instead of weeks and we understand that time can make an enormous difference in your business.

In addition to this, we offer delivery of almost any amount to anywhere you need it. We keep trucks ready to go and enjoy seeing your operation and meeting you.

We work closely with other veterinarians across the nation and work hard to meet your specific needs. We make premixes for your feed mill, if desired, and offer advice on the best way to maximize the feed you have available whether grazing, feeding, or both.

A satisfied customer is our goal.

Our Guarantee

Our GuaranteeTo make sure that we help you in every way we can, we offer a guarantee on all our minerals. Just call us and we will trade what you have not used or refund your money on returned products.

We have FDA clearances for many medications including Bovatec®, Rumensin®, Rumatel®, Deccox®, and several antibiotics.

We expect the livestock consuming our minerals to eat mineral daily at the following levels: cattle 2-4 ounces; sheep 0.5-1 ounces; goats 0.75-1.5 ounces.